Friday, December 5, 2008

Why this

I've never been a fan of blogs in general, I still prefer personal contacts, especially for hobbies. When I was living in Italy, I used to invite my friends for dinner almost every week. I also used to host tasting dinners at a friend's wine bar. As I can't do it anymore (actually, I'm still looking for a wine bar/restaurant here to replicate what I consider an excellent model) I've decided to share my experiences on the web, hoping to reach more people and, hopefully, learn from others.
I like to learn, I enjoy new experiences and I'm not scared of challenges. Please, don't be shy: if you like what I say, tell me; if you don't, tell me! But, please, please, please, don't force me to moderate comments: trolls and jerks are what I hate the most of the Internet.

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Ore D. said...

Welcome to blogging! So far so good - keep it up!

Ore in LA